White Olivez

Core Services

We have four core business sectors, real estate, AI, Precious minerals, and media management.

Our team converts powerful knowledge into business expansion.

The Real estate market can be like an ocean, with so many claiming to find the jewels for you, wether your a first time investor or an experienced high value buyer. Our experienced partners, have a one-on-one approach, which allows us to smoothly deliver, precisely what your looking for. Our experts have comprehensive knowledge of the Real Estate market and years of experience in the field, which allows us stand out to be the best from the entire, rest. WHAT IS YOUR REQUIREMENT?
We have partnered with computer scientists, technology gurus, to be able to streamline each companies needs. Wether it’s a website, a mobile application, software development, security, or simply interactive marketing. We have all the solutions in one place. We don’t rush, we attentively listen to you, we understand, we go through the whole process with you. Once your happy to proceed, we then take those actions to make the vision a reality. WHAT IS YOUR REQUIREMENT?
Whiteolivez has a portfolio of individuals and companies, who are in the business of purchasing precious minerals, from diamonds to gold. We work with mining companies and distributors directly, so there is no delay in providing the valuables, at the best prices available. Our work code is always to complete in confidence and transparency. WHAT IS YOUR REQUIREMENT?
Making a film, a documentary, or simply promotional material for television or online. We have hunted the best in their field, to partner with us, from different parts of the globe. Creativity is crucial in today’s fast growing business world. Your brand, your company has to stand out from the rest, but this can be costly too. We have proven methods, techniques to help you, reach that level of media awareness. WHAT IS YOUR REQUIREMENT?